Training… NEC, Commercial?



The eternal student… That’s us…

Yes, it’s true, we’re always learning.  New contracts, case law, legislation updates; we just can’t get enough (yes really) and it really has been the key to our team’s professional success.  But what about you and your company?

Do you put (hide!) contracts in a deep dark draw; hoping they will never need to see the light of day (because they’re quite intimidating, right?).  Well the truth is, with a little bit of knowledge and support, they don’t need to be.

In this ever-changing commercial construction industry (which can be a contractual minefield) it is critical to ensure your team know where they’re at in terms of knowledge and commercial understanding.

‘The amount of money that is inadvertently given away within the construction industry (often by the smaller companies) simply because they don’t understand; is unbelievable’ K Taylor

Here at KJ Taylor Consulting, we try and make contractual and commercial awareness as painless (and on occasions interesting!) as possible.

We deliver bespoke, time conscious bursts of information and training all of which are relevant to your company’s projects and contracts.

We have been where you are, we know you can’t pull your contracts team offsite for a week to ‘learn’.  We take the necessary knowledge to your team and deliver in a cost and time efficient manner.  Coupled with ongoing support from our commercial experts, it is the absolute recipe for success.





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