Delivering Commercial Excellence

Kelly Taylor is an experienced Managing Director, Financial Director and Commercial Manager who qualified as a Quantity Surveyor (BSc Hons.) and carries exceptional credentials.

Having spent 17 years working within the construction industry; 2013 saw her invited to join the board of directors at SSI Services (Part of South Staffordshire PLC.).

In recent years Kelly, has taken efficient construction dispute resolution to another level.

These disputes need an efficient and firm lead to ensure the most cost effective solution is delivered for all parties.’  Kelly Taylor – Director


“I have successfully worked with Kelly on several technically & contractually complex high value construction contract issues with large national Contractors & Employers. Kelly’s commercial management & forensic analysis skills coupled with her ability to quickly identify & get to the nub of complex matters shone through. I found Kelly to be an effective & efficient negotiator, at both pre-& post contract stages, who is able to competently argue a case & defend a position based on the relevant facts & the applicable law which she always ensures have been properly & thoroughly investigated beforehand.

Dennis Baldwin – Arbitrator Adjudicator Mediator


‘Kelly really has been there, seen it and earned the T-Shirt.  Having started out working for a small Sub-Contractor she has scaled the ladder of what is a predominantly male dominated industry to work through some of the hardest, most contentious contracting disputes and yet seems to deliver a successful result every time (with a tenacity I have yet to experience anywhere else). 

She has experienced all levels of contracting; including multimillion pound projects/disputes. 

She is definitely one to watch (in the best possible way!).’

D. Olding – Director


Kelly Taylor was a Managing Director of 2 businesses within the prestigious SSI Services division of South Staffordshire Plc for nearly 2 years.

The businesses that she managed had a combined turnover of more than £10m with over 100 employees.

Kelly demonstrated a broad and astute business sense, with negotiating skills a real asset and an eye for detail creating an extremely strong but fair director. Kelly is an exemplary leader.

Gaynor Baldwin – Director


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